Respiratory test:

The  Respiratory panel  tests for a  comprehensive set of 20  upper respiratory viral  and  bacterial  pathogens, many of which  present with  nearly indistinguishable symptoms.  The  rapid  and  accurate  identification of the causative agent assists the  healthcare  provider in selecting  the  most efficacious treatment for an  upper respiratory tract infection.


Gastrointestinal test:

The  Gastrointestinal  (GI)  Panel  tests for a  compare hensive set of  22 gastrointestinal  pathogens. This  is achieved  by a  simple stool swab for common  pathogens associated with gastroenteritis.  Quickly identifying the correct pathogen can  ensure  appropriate treatment, patient  management and  help  decrease  infectious gastroenteritis which can  lead to severe  illness or death.