Pharmacogenetics is the study of genetic variations that can influence an individual’s response to drugs, both in terms of drug efficacy and adverse effects.

Some of us respond differently than others to the same medications that we take, or we may experience different side-effects from drugs. The way we respond can be due to the genes we have inherited. With respect to drugs, our unique genetic make-up and our individual response may mean that a drug that is effective for one person may be less effective for another or that a drug that is safe for one person may be less safe for another person—even at the same dosage.

Pharmacogenetics testing is non-invasive, using a buccal swab to collect the specimen.  Our laboratories analyze genetic variations to determine a patient’s capacity to metabolize medications in cardiology, pain management, mental health, diabetes, gastroenterology or urology, enabling a physician to personalize medication to the patient.

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